This blog serves as a reminder that you need to update Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and other documents and “Ultimate Plans.”

Well, as we all know, we’re not getting any younger, so let’s talk about doing an UPDATE for your estate plan.

Have you reviewed your Will, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and their provisions? Most likely you’re going to find out some details are not up to your current expectations.

Don’t Leave it to Chance!

Maybe you’ve not considered the ULTIMATE issues of what happens after death carefully and made it clear to your heirs what they need to kno

w. It’s CAN BE too late to get this done right. What are the unique provisions in YOUR state? What about avoiding costly or time-consuming Probate through proper Trust establishment?

Trusts Can Make All The Difference

AND…. Power of Attorney during Life!

And what about during life? You need Powers of Attorney to make sure that if and when you become less competent, face cognitive impairment, have a major health issue, or generally need a trusted person to speak on your behalf, the arrangements are already established!
AND keep this in mind. Many financial institutions require that you indemnify them for acting on the orders of your Attorney in Fact, so just because you have given a Power to a person doesn’t necessarily mean that your institutions will honor their requests unless you’ve ALSO submitted THEIR in-house paperwork.

Be Smart, Avoid Surprises!

We like to avoid surprises. Contact us to discuss your plans. Often we can help you focus and make certain that you’ve covered your bases as we help you prepare for the proper legal team to draft your documents.


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