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Our Investment Philosophy

We take a diligent and watchful approach, with an eye on nearly 50,000 publicly traded investments. Performance is considered along with economic and market conditions. This helps us achieve a suitable balance between risk and opportunity.

This approach is even more effective when regulated by a moral compass that points towards investments in the future we want to bring about in our world.

As direct money managers we have developed advanced systems to reach such objectives.

Blind pursuit of short-term profit alone that can defeat wealth itself. Necessary balances that have been ignored by investors have led to instability and dangerous outcomes. Frederick Ravid developed the “Invest in Life” approach to show that each element requires its opposite to work correctly.

  • Profit is effective only when the priority is long-term Security.
  • Justice is only legitimate when it’s lasting and Sustainable.
  • Perpetual business is only actually beneficial when it’s righteously Eco-Effective.
  • Ultimately if balance between Business/Home,Society/Family & Governance/Freedom are lacking, we wind up facing chaos, inequity and destruction. That’s POINTLESS.