The Human Finance Project

Human Finance Project: We asked independent financial advisors what inspires them and defines their purpose. This is one person’s story.

How my career as an Investment Professional began

I was working in IT on Wall Street, where I was described by people who knew me as being persuasive and someone who could help others understand things. They said “we want you to come into the investment business.”

Why I became a Registered Investment Advisor

The reason I became a Registered Investment Advisor Principal and why I’m doing what I’m doing with clients is because I saw the vast majority of people having relationships with Wall Street were treated like numbers. I’ve always felt people are sovereign and deserve all the resources necessary to provide them freedom and confidence.

My Approach

I approach people not so much from the head. I approach people from the heart, which is more of a sense of what are you excited about? What led you to work so hard and do so much in your own community that led you to where you are today? That is what is attractive to me about clients. When I find people who have that kind of awake characteristic and that kind of spark, I feel like we may belong together.

Where People Belong

There is also another piece, and that is that people feel a sense of belonging to me, just as I feel a sense of “I wanna belong with you”, you’re also gonna feel a sense if you belong as one of my clients. You feel like “oh yeah, I’m speaking a language that this advisor is capable of understanding” and you’re gonna say “I want to be able to speak my language to this person because they’re gonna hear me. They’re gonna understand what is important to me.” That’s really a very beautiful dynamic.

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