Frederick Ravid (pronounced like “David”) is not your typical Investment professional.

Frederick Ravid, CEO of Chartered Financial Services, Inc. Parent of

Frederick Ravid


Frederick Ravid is considered an innovative thought leader in the investment industry.  He founded Chartered Financial Services, Inc.  (CFS) in 1994 as successor to Ravid & Associates founded in 1983. CFS is a Registered Investment Advisor in Colorado & Georgia. The Firm focuses on providing independent and neutral money management and financial planning advice based on a foundation of ongoing research and long term financial forecasting.

“We are a fee-based advisor” explains Frederick. “Rather than handing off money to third-party money managers, we directly manage most of the money our clients entrust to us. I put my own money in the exact same portfolios I recommend to my clients.”

Frederick maintains a respected history of leadership as a client advocate.  He has been a frequently published writer and speaker to an audience of private investors for a period of more than 30 years.

Client Advocate

Frederick says, “I am an outspoken client advocate within the financial services industry. This means I often focus on improving the experience of end-investors. I have seen many people treated as a “number” when they deserve far more. That is the whole point of my career.” As an example Frederick says, “Most investment firms keep their clients in the dark about exactly how their investments are performing. Routine communication regarding specific investment performance is a hallmark of my approach. Compare that to what you’re getting now, and you can see why people choose CFS when making comparisons.”

“Transparency, Fairness and Attentive Service are everything” Frederick says. “The psychographic of many financial advisors is that of following the crowd. Proof of this is that literally hundreds of thousands of licensed brokers work for huge bank-owned brokerage firms that routinely prove they couldn’t give a hoot about what happens to individual clients.”

To help clients gain greater confidence in the investment process, Frederick created the “Cyclical Review Method” which involves routine quarterly reviews. He also wrote “The Financial Precepts”, and developed the “CFS Price Cycle” forecasting approach, which advised clients to substantially withdraw from equity markets prior to the 2001 and 2007 downturns.

Pioneer in ESG Investment

A proper Environmental, Socially Responsible, and Corporate Governance investment selection and management approach has become increasingly popular over the past 2 years. Frederick Pioneered the “Invest In Life” approach which moves well beyond short-term profit-seeking objectives to integrate many factors that must make a world of difference over the long term.  His pursuit of this forward-thinking approach began in 2004, long before the vast majority of investment institutions took even the slightest interest in ESG investment. Initially his thoughts on this crucial topic were treated as outliers by leaders of major wall-street firms. Things changed. By 2020, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, as Frederick presented the integrative Invest In Life approach, his approach and ideas were warmly embraced. At this time Blackrock, one of the largest institutional investors, began to require companies in their portfolios to seriously address climate change.

Career History

“I was working as a Senior Product Design Mechanical Engineer for Teradyne, Inc. of Boston when a career development opportunity arose in New York,” says Frederick. “My path led me into technology consulting on Madison Avenue, the United Nations, and Chase Manhattan Bank. People who knew me on Wall Street suggested I look into Financial Planning, and my journey began helping people with money matters. “


Frederick Ravid possesses an unusually-diverse educational background in fields of arts, sciences, psychology, and applied mathematics. Integration of these disciplines enable him to help clients reach holistic solutions that are not only effective on a balance sheet, but also effective for client’s lives and consciences.

In 1993, Frederick received the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation from The American College of Financial Services. At the time, the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation was considered less demanding and comprehensive. His approach to money management and financial planning include innovation and a natural inclination to find answers to complex questions.

Frederick studied at the University of Chicago and The American Conservatory of Music where he pursued a dual major in English Literature and Concert Piano Performance/Composition. He had the privilege to study under world-renowned concert pianist/pedagogue William Browning, and later with respected composer Hugo Norden. Frederick received a Bachelors of Arts in Theology under Dr. Vincent Rossi, Theologian for the American Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.


Frederick Ravid has two children, enjoys family life, ocean distance swimming, sailing, bicycling, camping, research and writing. He remains an avid musician and performing artist, is a member of the Colorado Symphony Chorus, and sponsored by major music and media companies. In his creative moments, he has been involved in producing music and documentary film projects. He was founder of Steinberg Institute, which supported 375 media studios in over 20 countries.